Does your project require so much “Out of the Box” thinking that you have no clearly defined boundaries upon which to work within? Does your project need to be taken so far ”Off the Beaten Path” that there isn’t a clear roadmap? Contact Compass. We don’t like living in the box and always prefer the road less traveled!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "What if this could be built?" Have you ever sat in a brainstorming meeting and wondered, "What if we could incorporate (fill in the blank!) to our trade show exhibit, to our event, to our product showroom?" The craziest special project ideas can be vetted down to a tangible plan for fabrication & execution with the right team to work with, the right budget agreed upon and the right timeframe to work within.

By the very nature of Compass' business model, we thrive on building one of a kind, custom components to be used within trade show exhibit displays, product showrooms, museums or something for a single event. Because of this, our engineering process is incredibly thorough and our planning process is executed down to the finest detail.

But, what if your project isn't a one of a kind, unique build. What if your project is as simple as the need to have the same creatively designed kiosk built and shipped to multiple locations. What if your project is a mobile marketing campaign that requires a vehicle wrap and custom interior done to its trailer?

We can do that too. Through a tightly managed and maintained production schedule, we can offer a great benefit to the build and fabrication of display items through budget reduction achieved in multiple builds, as well as, a mobile marketing vehicle wrap and build-out.

In the 10+ year relationship of PRG working with Compass Collective, we have experienced the communication, flexibility with client budgets and unmatched dedication that has consistently ensured success from concept to execution.

Rodney Brannon
Builder Channel Sales


Regardless of whether your project is a one-time build, creatively designed to be an eye-catching, stop you in your tracks display or if it is an elegant, yet simple design meant to be multipled in its use many times over, Compass has the team in place to provide you with the depth of experience that will offer the right solution to move your audience to action. Compass provides the right sized combination of knowledge, creativity and accountability to consistently deliver trade show and event marketing programs, event activations, interior environments, mobile marketing vehicle wraps, or any "out of the box" idea that your may have that is on target, on time and on budget.


Compass Collective is located at:
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